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Taking Care of Your Body from the Inside Out

HealthyBodies™ provides comprehensive exercise and physical therapy programs for enhancing performance and preventing injuries. Our philosophy is to take care of your body from the inside out, because a healthy body enables the mind to stay strong and focused. Our programs allow you to achieve a balance of body and mind harmony. Through our individualized physical therapy and relaxation programs, we teach you good body mechanics which allow you to maximize your physical potential without pain.

Our Services

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Home Health

Home health physical therapy is provided in the patient’s home for individuals of all ages. Physical therapy benefits patients who need to develop overall fitness for improvement in their health and wellness. 

Treatment procedures include:

  • assessing home safety

  • evaluating patient function and mobility to determine baseline abilities

  • setting short range and long term goals with the patient

  • instructing / supervising a home exercise program for the patient/caregiver

​Home visits include 50 minutes of treatment and 10 minutes for consultation and training. Services are reimbursed privately or through third party payers. A physician’s referral is required for third party payers whereas no referral is needed for private pay clients.


About the Therapist

Catherine Luchini Gerson

Catherine Luchini Gerson is the CEO and Founder of HealthyBodies Physical Therapy, LLC located in Waban, Massachusetts. HealthyBodies™ offers comprehensive exercise and physical therapy programs for enhancing performance and preventing injuries. Catherine specializes in Pediatric, Orthopedic, Rehabilitation, Aquatic Therapy, and Home Care.

Catherine received her B.S. in Physical Therapy from Ohio State University and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from Simmons College in 2011. She began her career more than 20 years ago in the field of pediatric orthopedics, treating severely neuromuscularly disabled children. She has served as a clinical educator for the Physical Therapy Department at Boston University in the Cambridge School System. Catherine has also provided physical therapy services to the Brookline, Cambridge, and Weymouth Schools as well as provide consultation to educators and specialists on "Gross Motor Activities for Sensory Motor Integration in the Classroom for Children with Developmental Delays."

Catherine is an accomplished tennis, golf, and ski enthusiast. She is certified in Body Balance and Performance, a golf specific fitness training and therapeutic treatment program to reduce injuries and improve swing performance. Her combined knowledge of therapeutic techniques, neuromuscular massage, and the muscular dynamics of specific sports has allowed her to develop individualized conditioning programs that are injury free and conducive for home use. In 2000, Catherine produced the 30 minute educational video: “Prepare Your Body for a Round of Stress-Free Golf: Achieve Total Mind and Body Balance.” The video showcases an exercise program for enhancing performance and preventing injuries specific to the game of golf. As a physical therapist she has acquired knowledge, creativity, and empathy and one of her core values is to commit herself to lifelong learning in order to adhere to best practice standards. 

Catherine helps a variety of clients who range from healthy people focusing on developing core strength and flexibility to enhance overall health and wellness to those who have pre and post operative medical conditions, both acute (shoulder rotator cuff tears, hip/knee replacements) and chronic (arthritis, tenditionitis, age related deconditioning).  Treatment procedures include evaluating each client for function and mobility to determine baseline performance and then collaborating with her client to establish short and long range goals.  Each client is responsible for learning proper body mechanics for injury prevention utilizing activities and exercises that will advance overall physical health, and consequently emotional and mental well being.

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